My Love For Diners//๐Ÿƒ

large.pngHello beautiful human beings. Today I am back with another post, basically me ranting about how much I absolutely love diners. Like honestly, when I get older (and start working to make money) I am going to practically LIVE in diners like people LIVE in Starbucks doing their work and what not.

I could write a whole book on why I love diners but I am going to be nice and only write the main reasons everyone should go to diners and practically LIVE in them LOL
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Why You Should Start A Gratitude Journal

gratitudejournal.jpgLately I have been keeping a gratitude journal and I want to share why you should keep a gratitude journal as well! It may sound like a lot of work because keeping journals can be hard to keep up with, but I want to share why this specific journal can benefit you.

A gratitude journal is basically a journal or book where you make a list every day for all the things you are thankful for, like people, things, food, clothes, etc. It can literally be anything you are thankful for on that day.

According to a study by researchers from the University of Minnesota and the University of Florida, having participants write down a list of positive events at the close of a day โ€” and why the events made them happy โ€” lowered their self-reported stress levels and gave them a greater sense of calm at night.
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The Exciting News!


Guess who got her first and very own camera?!

I DID!ย A few weeks ago I told you guys I was inspired to try Photography, on Friday August 5th my family and I took a stroll in Manhattan, so my dad decided to take me to get a camera!

Now I can finally practice my Photography skills and share every captured moment with you guys!
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