Jin, Why? + Once Upon A Time Discussion!

Guys can we just take a moment to listen to this song:

This song made me cry my eyes out. Like if you’re a bts fan (Please tell me we have bts fans reading this) you would understand. Like I don’t know, I feel like this song speaks to me because sometimes I feel like everyone around me is high about in the clouds while i’m stuck all the way down on the ground… kind of lost with my life… *cries and ocean*
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BTS//Jimin is mine HUEHUE



I’ve gots to tell you about my obsession with the korean boy band BTS! It has gotten to severe that I stalk them on everything, I save their pictures on my phone (especially of Jimin), memes galore, binge watched every video, BTS BOMB BINGE WATCH AS WELL! Like you do not understand what i’m going through.
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