My Once Upon a Time Jewelry Collection//๐Ÿ”ฎ

Hey babes! Sooo, I have noticed that I do not post much, yet my blog still manages to get views. And that makes me feel so bad knowing I have viewers out there waiting for me to post and here I am not posting, and I truly am sorry!!! But thank you for still giving me hope that there are people still there waiting to see what I post, it really does mean a lot TO ME!

To set the mood of this post, I linked my new fave song this summer, down below!

This song has been my replay, I love it!!!!

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5 Polyvore Sets That Have Been Inspiring My Look For This Spring//๐Ÿ’

Aloha everyone, and a happy Sunday to all my lovely viewers! I am on Spring Break, so you know what that means, more free time to post yay~ Anyways, I do not do much on Polyvore except find inspirations for my wardrobe but, you can follow meย @simplyadaina

This Spring my fashion taste has been more focused on the bell bottom leggings, rip jeans and t-shirt, sneakers, watches and chokers kind of side. If you know what i’m saying gurl~


4 Forever 21 Fashion Finds You NEED To Buy All UNDER $10!


Hey hey babes, I am back at it again with another post! There is legit a storm going on outside…I’m talking LOUD thunderstorms LIKE REALLY LOUD as if the world is crumbling to smithereens, and rain and wind and yeah. AND SOMEONE ACROSS THE STREET IS RAKING LEAVES, and people are legitimately going about their day, like what?!

But I am gonna watch some romantic anime’s and stuff my face with popcorn and play animal crossing (if you want my friend code just ask in the comments)

But anyways in this post I am gonna show you 4 shirts that I purchased from Forever 21, MY FAVORITE STORE OF ALL TIME!!! Like seriously they have everything for less, it is my holy grail, my home, my life, my everything!
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