Girls Like Us Book Review//💕

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Hellooo everyone! I have not posted in a while because I have been a little busy this summer. But I am back and EXCITED to just relax and make a blog post about a book I read!

The Book is called “Girls Like Us” by Gail Giles. There not many reviews on this book online so I thought it would be nice to get people to know more about this book!
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Two Books You Should Be Reading Right Now

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It’s only natural that 12-year-old Sarah Nelson would look for signs that she’s going crazy. Sarah’s mother tried to drown her and her twin brother when they were 2 (only Sarah survived) and now lives in a mental institution; her academic father drowns his sorrows every night with a bottle of booze. Now that summer has arrived in Texas, she has the added worries of completing the upcoming family tree project in seventh grade and trying to find a boy to French kiss so she can keep up with her girl pals.
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