About Me


I’m adaina! I’m a teen blogger & I spend my time on the internet catching up on the latest trends. My closest friends always tease me about being sassy, sarcastic & constantly the “Hipster”, so I guess that’s how you could describe me? Aside from blogging & designing digital art, my hobbies include fangirling, being weird & daydreaming about possibly, anything! If you’re a friend of mine feel honored because I am very reserved person & talk to only a few people… no I’m not anti-social. My favorite season is Fall because it’s not too hot and not to cold and the colors are very simple and pretty.  I’m obsessed with shopping, owls & my laptop. I believe everything happens for a reason. Fakers, conceited and cocky people annoy me. I am a very hardworking person so that means, once I start doing something, I don’t stop until it’s finished, I work best alone & I love being by myself most of the time. I don’t like going outdoors, but when I feel like it, I like to be by myself with no one, just me & nature. My dream is to become a famous blogger and web designer who works for a popular tech company. I plan to live in Manhatten and visit London someday.


I guess that’s all there is to know about me, but if you want to know more, leave a comment or contact me.


18 thoughts on “About Me

  1. AbbyDaPanda says:

    Hey adi! Its been a long time since I’ve seen you, and I’ve been wondering, “Do you remember me?” Its me iiabbythepanda from fantage! Though we don’t play it anymore. Hope you remember me! Because I miss ya :c

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  2. 924COLLECTIVE says:

    Great Intro 🌈

    Have to tell you what you are already accomplishing they
    didn’t teach us at Art School (Blogging, Art Direction,
    Branding, Lifestyle, etc.) & you are already tackling these
    head on & with style! Kudos 🎊! Take it from us, keep doing
    your blog, creating, writing, & sharing, because by the time
    you get to University/ College, you will already be living
    what they will be teaching to classes in years 1 & 2 🏦.

    Students are spending upwards of $60,000 💰 Per/ year
    to “learn” what you are already doing today in art school.
    Your blog gives you the freedom to experiment, play,
    & have fun, all under your own terms, you are the CEO
    of your brand. You are ultimately dictating the trends &
    observations of the next generation of taste makers. 🎨

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    • adaina says:

      Hey hey! Thank you so much for the comments you left, they really made my day and keeps me motivated!! I apologize for such a late reply but I really appreciate what you wrote, thank youuuu!
      xoxo, adaina.❤


      • 924COLLECTIVE says:

        Credit where credit is due 😎
        Wordpress has some amazing diverse blogs &
        a really supportive community, which is why we
        have stayed with the platform for the long haul.

        It is always great to see new bloggers carving
        their own path in the blog world. Mad respect 💪🏻


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