My Once Upon a Time Jewelry Collection//๐Ÿ”ฎ

Hey babes! Sooo, I have noticed that I do not post much, yet my blog still manages to get views. And that makes me feel so bad knowing I have viewers out there waiting for me to post and here I am not posting, and I truly am sorry!!! But thank you for still giving me hope that there are people still there waiting to see what I post, it really does mean a lot TO ME!

To set the mood of this post, I linked my new fave song this summer, down below!

This song has been my replay, I love it!!!!

Before I continue with this post, a fan of my mine sent me a picture of fan art for my blog and I wanted to show it to you all! For security reasons I will not give out her name, but she knows who she is! โค


Love you!!!

If anyone wants to send me their fan art  for simplyadaina, I would be happy to post and share them on my blog! Just contact me here.

OKay. Now it is time to show you guys my Once Upon a Time jewelry collection! It's not much but, if you're a fan of the show "Once Upon a Time" you will enjoy these amazing finds!

These jewelry's are based off of the show and are very detailed, so I am really excited to show it to you guys!

The first one is a necklace based on the character Captain Hook! Dude…like he is my fave character from the show, and it's an EXACT replica of the one he wore in the show.

It has two pendants, a skull and a sword. They are both made of metal and are a bit heavy, but that's what makes them the best quality! I usually pair this necklace with a white shirt, or to give my outfit a bad girl, rebel look. Especially since Captain Hook plays a bad boy character in some parts of the show! hehe.

The back of the necklace says "abc studios" because the show is aired on the ABC channel.

Image result for captain hook once upon a time necklace

See the necklace? Look very closeeeee!

Looking to buy this necklace? I got mine from HotTopic. HotTopic is one of my favorite stores to get themed jewelry from shows, movies, bands. They have all kinds of fandom themed things! (This post was not sponsored by HotTopic, I promise, I just really love that store).

Next is a necklace based on one of the characters named, Regina. She plays the evil Queen from Snow White. Her character gave me life honestly, the way she acted and do not get me started with her characters wardrobe! Her wardrobe had the be the best out of all the characters. She slayed every single outfit in every single episode!

Anyways, this necklace is supposed to be Regina's spell book with a poison apple. And if you watch the show, you know that one of the most common phrases is "All magic comes with a price". The book has amazing little details inside and out. I love the little red gem heart in the front. The front of the book in general gives the book a lot of character.

Related image

Looking to buy this necklace? I got mine from HotTopic as well! (Again, this is NOT sponsored. I bought all of this stuff with my own money and out of my true love for the show).

This necklace is based on the character Rumpelstiltskin. Which is ALSO one of my fave characters from the show, but because he is the main source of all the drama and problems that happen. Without him, the show would not have amazing turning points and problems that keep you on the edge of your seat!

In the show Rumple is evil. He always has a dagger, the dagger looks exactly like the one on this necklace. It basically can be used to control him and it's what gives him his evil powers. He is the only character who mostly uses the phrase "All magic comes with a price" because if you watch the show, you know that when he grants people what they want using magic, they must repay in return. There is also a little pendant shaped like a real heart because in the show, you were able to pull people hearts and use it to control the person… crazy huh?

Image result for rumpelstiltskin once upon a time Related image

Related image

Looking to buy this necklace? I got mine from HotTopic as well!

I seriously suggest you watch the show if you haven't because…maybeee Rumple is in a relationship with the one and only Belle from beauty and the beast….hehe.

This is the last necklace. But this isn't like exactly from the Once Upon a Time Collection sold at HotTopic. I got this necklace from Claire's (Not sponsored). I got this necklace for two reasons. I LOVE vintage jewelry so I had to get. But also because the pocket watch can be based on the Rabbit from Alice in a Wonderland.

The pocket watch has to be one of my BEST finds because, it's gold and I love gold, no doubt about that. And it has so much detail. The front has a heart shape so you can see through. The outside has numbers so you can even tell the time without opening the pocket watch.

When you do open it, it is labeled perfect to tell the exact time. The inside rim has little leaf details and the back of the watch is legit. It has so much flower detail which gives it an even more vintage look.

I absolutely love it.

But forreal can we take time to admire my photography skills. Like tbh, these photos of my jewelry collect came out so good. It almost looks to good to be true! HAHA.

That's what I call dedication. okay.

So that was my OUAT Jewelry collection! I hope you enjoyed and decide to get them. If you haven't watched OUAT, you should. All 6 seasons are on Netflix and a new season is coming soon!

This post was not sponsored. All things included was bought with MY money out of my love for the show!

xoxo, adaina.


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