Girls Like Us Book Review//💕

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Hellooo everyone! I have not posted in a while because I have been a little busy this summer. But I am back and EXCITED to just relax and make a blog post about a book I read!

The Book is called “Girls Like Us” by Gail Giles. There not many reviews on this book online so I thought it would be nice to get people to know more about this book!

Book Summary:

Two “Speddies”—special ed students—graduate high school and move in with a kind older woman.

At first, Quincy, who is mixed-race, and fearful but kind Biddy, who is white, seem to have little in common besides their special ed designation. After they finish high school, the two girls are placed in a living situation together. Biddy has a job cooking and cleaning for the elderly woman in whose home they are staying, and Quincy will work at a grocery store. The girls narrate alternate chapters, a page or two long each and related in readable but distinct dialect. The story is told with both gentleness and a humor that laughs with, not at, the two girls. Sexual, institutional and family violence against both Quincy and Biddy are treated frankly, with realistic but not sensational detail. One plot point involving the daughter who was taken from Biddy years earlier feels contrived, but otherwise, the warmth, conflict and mutual caring that develop among Quincy, Biddy and elderly Miss Lizzy are authentic and genuinely moving.

Rate: 9/10

Comments: Most teens will absolutely enjoy this book. It’s very funny yet moving and it’s a book that tells from the point of view of two special ed girls. Some of us, like me, might not know what Special Ed kids go through or what THEIR life is like. So this book definitely captures that.

If you guys are looking for something different to read this summer, check out “Girls Like Us”! Please free to leave any comments about the book or questions you might have!

xoxo, adaina.


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