Riverdale Rant// Very Brief⭐️

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HEYYY GUYSSS! So I recently finished watching Riverdale on Netflix. If you have not watched Riverdale then…please leave this post and go watch it. You will have no regrets after watching it, I 100% guarantee you on that!

The show is based off of the Archie comics. It has so many aesthetically pleasing scenes and the drama is so good! If you have watched Riverdale, I am just going to very QUICKLY rant about it because I am honestly obsessed!

Firstly, I just want to start by saying, Bughead is real! I ship Betty and Jughead so hard! They are my couple goals. The ending was mind blowing when Cheryl set her house on fire and when Jughead put the serpent leather jacket on!!! He looked so damn HOT in that scene LIKE GUYS CAN WE JUST PLEASE ADMIRE HIS GOOD LOOKS!

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He honestly has been my celebrity crush for a very LONG TIME ever since he was on the show “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody” and lemme tell you… he has gotten cuter over the years.

What I love about this show the most tho, is the Pop’s Diner. And most of you might know from my previous posts that I absoluty LOVE diners! SO that was a plus on my love for the show. The wardrobe for the characters were SPOT ON! It really brought the comics to life.

But let’s go back to Cole Sprouse. He is so adorably aesthetic…which makes no sense but he is! I mostly admire him for his photography. He posts his photography on his Instagram @colesprouse. Check it out and also his twitter is funny @colesprouse

Image result for cole sprouse tumblr aesthetic

Image result for cole sprouse tumblr aesthetic

Image result for cole sprouse tumblr aesthetic

Image result for riverdale diner tumblr

Related image

And if you watched the last episode, you know that they played this song:

Absolutely love this song, it has been my replay all week!

I did not want to rant a whole book about Riverdale for the sake of your lives. But seriously if you have not watched Riverdale, stop what you are doing, head on over to Netflix and watch it!

xoxo, adaina.

P.S. I call dibs on Cole Sprouse HEHE


10 thoughts on “Riverdale Rant// Very Brief⭐️

    • adaina says:

      OMG yas girlll! I am so excited for season 2, but I have a feeling Betty and Jughead won’t be a thing anymore because of the last episode. And I think Veronica’s dad will be in it too. But I am so eager to find out what happens next!

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